Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Success Stories …




I have been business coached by Nick for just over a year now, and I can honestly say it has been a fantastic year. Nick has helped me grow the business quite dramatically and given me the knowledge, belief and ability to to not only get this far but know I can continue on the path. It has been like doing a Masters in my own business, and I can’t think of a more useful subject to study!

Henry Savage | MD | All Weather Access Ltd



“After having a not so great experience with another business coach we were a little deflated on the value of employing the services of another.  We initially met with Nick in the May and during this initial meeting we immediately changed our minds as Nick clearly demonstrated his constant professionalism and informed us of the benefits we should expect by using his services.  We started using Nick’s coaching services from June and I can state that his professionalism is exactly what we consistently receive.  We’ve been using Nick’s services for just 4 months now and already our business has increased productivity by 50% with profits going through the roof.

This result has been made possible due to Nick aiding us to establish professional goals and working with us closely to achieve them.”

Dean Taylor | MD | The Loft Boys



Nick Ruddle, the coach, is a great guy who is very passionate about helping you realise your true business potential.

Well worth looking into!

Dan Roberts | MD | Future Garden Ltd



Great service which has helped focus thinking and direction to help the business grow. Thank you Nick!

Jane Anderson | MD | Mayfield Farm Bakery

 “Oak View Landscapes have now completed the second year of a three year growth plan with Nick Ruddle of Action Coach and have been delighted with the results. All our financial targets have been exceeded, sales are up by 46% over the two year period and new profits are up by a astounding 114%! Nick has been instrumental in helping us improve our business performance, using great systems, tools and strategies.


Every serious business needs a business coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick.”

Paul Downer | Managing Director | Oak View Landscapes


“The help and support throughout the past 3 months, far exceeds anything I was expecting. The turnaround in both my own, and my teams attitude, is phenomenal and I am now on a steady path to creating a business that I have only ever dreamed about…..Thank you so much Nick.” 

Toby Pache | MD | Sharon Lee Ltd | Braintree

“Since signing up with Action Coach (Nick Ruddle), we have now put several systems in place that have enabled us to work “ON” building the business rather than working “IN” the business. If you don’t already have a business coach I would recommend you get one.”

Daniel | MD | CXG Group 

“It’s amazing! Just 3 months after starting on the coaching program with Nick, we have just had our best quarter in our 28 year history!

David | MD | DJ’s Garden Centre

“YOU PROMISED MASSIVE RESULTS IN A SHORT PERIOD” and that is exactly what is happening. Both Paul & myself have been paying ourselves, leads and sales have increased, systems installed that work, happy satisfied customers, regular referrals, we even paid our vat on time, and on and on. I truly can’t believe it – I don’t  mean to sound corny I’m just still in shock. I now have the belief to build a fantastic enterprise that will work for “me” and me not work for “it”.


In short buddy, you deliver on your promises and not only have we found a excellent coach but a true friend. P.S. Did I tell you that I regularly get out of bed at 6am eager to get to work, I LOVE IT!” 

H.Rutty | MD | Howard Charles Bathrooms

“Nick has provided me with mentoring that was perfect for me and my business. His approach has helped me to see the future, focus on the present and develop my business using great tools, networks and contacts that have opened doors. His positive support has definitely rubbed off – to such an extent that I pass it on to whoever I meet!


Nick has not only been a great teacher but a great friend. He is truly an inspiration and I would recommend him a 1000 times over. Every business needs a Nick!”

Heather | MD | Heather Nesbitt Ltd

“I felt that one of our company’s weaknesses was our scatter gun approach to advertising and marketing. We had no real expertise in this field and so we were never 100% sure what worked and what didn’t work. Since working with Nick we have managed to create targeted campaigns with well thought out marketing material which has driven footfall to our 30 stores across the UK.


I have also found it incredibly beneficial to be able to talk openly and honestly about my business with somebody who has the experience of working with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Nick offers more than just knowledge of Advertising and Marketing, he challenges the way you think about your business and delivers tangible results.”

J. Lipscombe | MD | The Chesterford Group

“I have worked with Nick on issues of managing and promoting my business, attending many of his seminars which I have found most fruitful. Nick is experienced, dynamic and motivational.


He works wonders with small businesses such as mine developing areas such as time management, marketing and personal development. As a personal business coach I have found him sensitive, understanding, knowledgeable and effective. He gets massive results for his clients including me.I have no qualms in recommending his services to any of my business contacts.”

J. Ridlington | New Life Therapy 

“We have worked with Nick for a around 2 years. How would I describe this arrangement? Well it’s like buying gold bars for half the price!


A great investment, aligned with Nick’s supportive and knowledgeable approach, not only have we seen growth through a recession but we have improved our structure, direction, while making overall cost savings. To be honest he is our secret weapon!”

John | MD | Oracle Components Ltd.

“I would recommend Nick to anyone who owns a business. Nick has changed my outlook in Business and in life 180 degrees. I can now achieve what was previously thought of as unachievable and go into every situation with optimism. I can’t put in words how much Nick and the Action program has changed my life, the value has been amazing.


We started using Nick in February and thanks to the Action program he has helped change our company from losing money month after month to operating in profit within the first month of using him and maintaining a healthy profit throughout the year. I look forward to our future together and what other success stories we can create along the way.”

S. Malins | MD | Dunmow Waste Management

“We have today finalised our accounts for our year end and I’m pleased to say that our turnover was up 10%, our GP was up from 26% last year to 32% and best of all with the savings in our fixed overheads our net retained profit was up from -£6000 (overdrawn dividends previous year) to +£106,000 !!


It’s now approaching a year since we started working together and I personally want to thank you for the knowledge and support you have given me in this time and for keeping me focused. Through your ideas and strategies we were able to save £52,000 in costs by renegotiating our rent and agreeing settlement terms with our suppliers for weekly payments.


On top of this we have also found alternative suppliers for our fast movers giving us increased margins, bought larger volumes for bigger supplier discounts and  increased sales by offering bulk order discounts and up selling at every opportunity.


Our team are really working well after our team alignment day and the changes we have made have seen them all really focus on service and increased sales.


I look forward to working with you in the coming year helping me to continue improving both my companies and my own knowledge and skills. We have some really nice projects this year and I’m confident this year will be our best year ever!! 


Thanks again Nick.”

Richard C. | MD | Wood Floor Wholesaler | Essex